Excellent Review
~J Kennedy~

We think Ginger is a great Agent and person foremost. She's intelligent and understanding of our needs/concerns. She keeps us abreast of progresses as well as delays. We trust her knowledge and ability to meet any challenge. She has always been a dear friend. She has become our dependable real estate Agent and we refer all our friends to her because we are certain that she is capable of creating solutions for them as well!

~J & N James~

Ginger was a great help with the closing and all other aspects of the selling process.

~B Tillman~

Ginger Harper was "Wonderful". She sold our condo for a high price in a short amount of time.

Thanks Ginger!

~K Fritts~

Ginger Harper is the Greatest. She helped us with getting our house financed...and was very creative about it.

Thanks so much!

~D Spencer~

We had to overcome many obstacles to get the final sale. Ginger was there every step of the way-helpful (technicalities) and supportive (never gave up) and patient (needed)!

Ginger gets our highest commendation on the pricing and the speed of the final sale.

~N James~

Ginger is a pleasant, professional. Would contact her again if needed and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

~D Wagoner~

Ginger was exceptional in selling our Oceanfront cottage that we have loved for over 27 years. The transaction was seamless and we felt that we received prompt, pleasant attention to all details.

~S Paty~

Hopefully my agent is as good to her family as to her clients.

Ginger is personable, entusiastic, vocal communications. She is honest, has good suggestions and was always current. Give her a raise in %'s....

~P Scott~

I received my State Port Pilot and read it from cover to cover. Thank you so much for getting it to me. I also enjoyed the News Letter you sent bringing me up to date on things in the real estate world. Ginger, you are a great Sales Person and I'm so Thankful you sold my house.

~Ms. Betty~